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These indicate special properties of the objects. For grouped objects, they apply when at least 1 sub-object has that property.

💥 Destructible
⚽ Physics
👻 No clipping (pass through)
🔥 Ignitable
💣 Explosive
⚓ Climbable
💡 Emits Light
🔊 Makes sound
  Has Object Preferences
  Is interactive
🥚 Spawnable by Script
🌊 Floats on water
 𝐌  Placed on Asset Map

Map size:

When you publish your map, it gets compiled and uploaded to Far Cry's online storage. The storage space per map is limited, and sometimes you may hit this limit. You will get a message like "Showshoe-B865AB46: Saving map failed: mapfile too large".

Maps can get too large due to several reasons. My general rule of thumb: try to minimize diversity in the map's terrain. This means:

Generally, map makers are advised to flatten the terrain around the map's edges. This is because players will mostly never go there anyway. Any detail removed in sections of the map where players don't go will help decrease the file size.

Take these steps to optimize compression of unused parts of the map and combat the map filesize:

  1. Use the Flatten Tool to flatten all the unused terrain, with the brush set to 1.0 Hardness and 1.0 Speed, 0.0 Distortion. Use as few as possible unique Height values throughout the map, so preferably pick a height for all unused terrain and stick to it. Like, the default height (50).
  2. CTRL-paint the unused terrain with the Texture Tool, with the brush set to 1.0 Hardness and 1.0 Speed, 0.0 Distortion and no brush constraints.
  3. CTRL-paint the unused terrain with the Vegetation Tool.
  4. CTRL-paint the unused terrain with the Hole Tool.
  5. CTRL-Paint means: Holding the CTRL key while clicking the left mouse button. This effectively un-paints.

Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor Budget Limits:

 Limit per sectorGlobal Limit
SP/COOP maps on PC ObjectCount200014000

Maps need to be within budget, else they will not publish. But if you're on PC, check out my Editormod to go beyond these limits.

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